Getting insights from your Google Ads is nothing short of challenging! We know how hard it can be to start generating your insights so we've created a video guide to help.

In 6 short steps, we'll take you through each step on how you can recreate your very own Google Ads dashboard so you can track and analyse your ad performance.


Here we go!

Introduction to Google Ads integration

In this clip, you will be using our Google Ads connector to import your Google Ads data from your account. This data is imported and updated every 6 hours so that you are always working with current data.

Introduction to our dashboard

In this clip you will be using our dashboard builder to add different charts to create your very own dashboard. Our dashboard canvas allows for flexibility when positioning your charts so that you have a easy custom dashboard without restriction.

Cost per click

This visualisation uses the 'Campaign_Stats' table to show the costs per click. CPC is the actual price paid for these clicks based on the keywords. This insight is important because the amount paid for clicks impacts a number of different areas of a campaign's performance.


This visualisation uses the 'Campaign_hourly_stats' table to show the cpm against the CPC. CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) are important metrics to understand. CPM is best used for driving awareness and brand engagement. It’s the way to go when trying to build brand visibility. CPC is best used to drive conversions, whether these are website visits or sales.

Clicks vs conversions

This visualisation was created using the 'Campaign_Stats' table to compare the clicks generated against the conversion produced. This insight is important because the ultimate goal of every ad is to generate conversions as it means that the intention for the ad has been achieved. Seeing clicks against conversions is required in order to have a big picture view to see how all of these different moving parts of a campaign are working together.

Clicks by device

This visualisation was created by using the 'Campaign_Stats' table and it shows the proportion of user clicks across various devices. This insight shows what the percentage of users are visiting the website on each device over a period of time. It is important to know this when designing a website for optimal user experience. Knowing this information will help understand how to divide advertising budget across devices.

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